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Individual Bags are $20

Bulk sales are 40 bags and over and are 

$10 per bag.

Individual bags are 30+/- lbs. 

All natural, non processed organic and a  South Carolina Certified product.

** Individual and bulk prices available.

These purchases need to be picked up from our location in Lexington, SC.


For even larger farm or ranch orders:

1 Pallet of FRESH organic worm castings weighs roughly 1200 lbs for $400.   We can deliver up to 4 pallets at a time depending on your location.  Delivery charges will vary depending on distance.

You will need a forklift at your location to offload the pallets or alternatively the pallets can be unwrapped and the bags can be individually offloaded.  Labor will have to be arranged by buyer at the destination to offload via forklift or by hand.

Pricing and video: Our Services
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